This isn’t about fixing you.

It’s about figuring out what matters to you and what behaviors and routines will help you show up at your best more often.

I won’t be telling you what to do.  I’ll be the person with whom you can think out loud.  The person who will help you develop your own plan to achieve your own objectives, based upon what's important to you and to your stakeholders. 

I have worked with leaders at all levels, from first line supervisors to executives, as well as individual contributors looking to be in a leadership role, or simply looking to be the best version of themselves in their current role. 

I work with individuals directly or via a referral from someone in their organization.  I use a customized approach which can include assessments, 360 feedback, reading, journaling, skills practice, or other exercises, depending upon the individual and/or corporate objectives and preferences. 


Diane Decker Leadership coaching in Kuwait

Diane Decker Leadership coaching in Kuwait